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About TRIOLOGY™ Wellness

Triology™ is an healing philosophy that integrates mulitple healing modalities to achieve healthy, purposeful living that honours each aspect of self – body, mind and soul.



About Marilyn Hargreaves

Marilyn HargreavesI am passionate about assisting those who seek to live with health, vibrancy and joy. I have lived, studied and now practice Triology™. I approach wellness as a partnership with my clients. Together we probe the root causes of your dis-ease, whether it originates in the physical, emotional or spiritual aspect of your being, and co-create a wellness program to meet your individual healing needs and aspirations.

I have been practicing traditional European herbalism for more than 20 years, having raised my family with a focus on assisting the body to grown and repair with a minimum of medical intervention. Trained as a biologist, I honour science and bring an open, objective mind to my research and investigation, blending science with intuition and traditional knowledge.

My personal journey has affirmed that dis-ease can stem from more than the physical. Traumas, stress, unhealthy relationships and the disconnect that many feel between how they are living and their Soul’s desires, can manifest physically and mentally in some ailment or another. In my own quest for healing and understanding, I have been gifted with many teachers and life events that have led me to investigate and train in various healing modalities including meditation, shamanism, hypnotherapy, energy healing and others.

I am a certified and practicing hypnotherapist, providing me the tools to assist you to open doorways to the emotional and spiritual overlays that can cause the mental and physical dis-ease. For those ready for deeper investigation into the Soul’s charter, challenges and purpose, I am trained in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives™ Regression, though the Newton Institute.

The healing journey begins with a destination in mind, is greatly assisted by a map of your route and often accomplished best with the support of a guide. If you are ready to take the journey, with commitment and purpose, it would be my joy and honour to be your guide to that which you seek.

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